Discover the 8 Best Pokemon Backpacks for Kids


Do you need a backpack ideal for young children who love Pokémon? Your quest should end here. In this product roundup, we have curated the best selection of high-end Pokémon backpacks that are not only durable but stylish and functional. With a bright, cool design and official licensing, this backpack is all but guaranteed to make every Pokémon-loving kid very happy. So keep reading this review to find the best backpack for your little kid.

Buyer’s Guide for Pokemon Backpacks:

When selecting the perfect Pokemon backpack for your young fan, consider the following factors to make an informed decision:

  1. Size and Capacity:

    Assess the size and capacity of the backpack to ensure it can comfortably accommodate your child’s belongings, such as school supplies, lunch boxes, and water bottles.

  2. Durability:

    Look for backpacks made from sturdy and durable materials to withstand the rigors of daily use, ensuring longevity and value for money.

  3. Design and Characters:

    Consider the design and featured Pokemon characters to match your child’s preferences, whether it’s Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, or other beloved Pokemon.

  4. Comfort and Support:

    Prioritize backpacks with padded shoulder straps and back support to provide comfort and reduce strain, especially when carrying heavier loads.

  5. Organization Features:

    Evaluate the backpack’s organization features, such as multiple compartments, pockets, and adjustable straps, to keep items secure and well-organized.

  6. Official Licensing:

    Opt for officially licensed Pokemon merchandise to guarantee authenticity and quality, ensuring that your child receives a genuine product.

By considering these essential factors, you can choose the best Pokemon backpack that combines style, functionality, and comfort for your young fan’s everyday adventures.

The Pokémon Kids Backpack Multicolored is a great choice for preschoolers and pre-k children. It offers durability and practicality for carrying essential items like school folders. Despite its small size, the backpack is made to last and withstand the wear and tear of daily use. The vibrant multicolored design, featuring beloved Pokémon characters, is sure to appeal to young fans. With its official licensing, this backpack adds an authentic touch to any Pokémon enthusiast’s collection. Overall, the Pokémon Kids Backpack Multicolored offers good quality and value for the price.


  • The Pokémon Kids Backpack is made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • The backpack features a unique and eye-catching design, with the iconic Pokeball on the front and a Pikachu silhouette in the background.
  • It is an officially licensed Pokemon merchandise, guaranteeing authenticity and adherence to the brand’s standards.


  • Some customers have mentioned that the backpack runs small, making it less suitable for older children or those needing to carry larger items, i.e. bottles.
  • The white part of the backpack’s design can get dirty easily, requiring additional cleaning and maintenance.
  • The price of $29.95 may be considered slightly high for a backpack of this size and design.

The Pokemon Kids Backpack is a fantastic purchase for younger children who love the Pokémon franchise. Despite its smaller size, this backpack surpasses expectations in terms of durability and functionality. The vibrant design, featuring popular characters like Pikachu, Mewtwo, and Bulbasaur, adds to its appeal. This backpack is made to withstand daily adventures and provides ample storage for essentials. Whether for school or outings, the Pokemon Kids Backpack is a reliable companion that offers both joy and practicality.

  • The backpack features popular Pokemon characters like Pikachu, Mewtwo, Psyduck, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander, which will be loved by kids who are fans of the franchise.
  • The backpack is officially licensed Pokemon merchandise, ensuring its authenticity and quality.
  • The backpack has a large front pocket with a Pokeball design on the zip, providing extra storage space for kids to keep their belongings.
  • The backpack is on the smaller side and may be best suited for younger kids up to 5 years old. Older kids may find it too small for their needs.
  • Some customers find the backpack to be flimsy and of lower quality, questioning whether it is worth the price.
  • The backpack may not be suitable for school use as it is considered too small by some customers.

The Pokemon Glitter School Backpack is a fantastic choice for any Pokémon-loving child. Its stylish design, combined with durability and spacious compartments, makes it a perfect companion for school and adventures. The glitter accents add a touch of fun and flair. While it may lack a few additional features, the overall quality and unique design make up for it. If you’re looking for a reliable and eye-catching backpack for a Pokemon enthusiast, the Pokemon Glitter School Backpack is highly recommended.

  • The Pokemon Glitter School Backpack features a stylish Pikachu-themed design, perfect for young gamers and Pokemon fans.
  • This backpack is spacious, with enough room to fit school books, lunch boxes, and other essentials.
  • Made of lightweight yet sturdy polyester, this backpack is durable and suitable for all kinds of adventures.
  • The backpack does not have a padded laptop pouch or a water bottle pocket.
  • The fabric used for the backpack is thin, which may raise concerns about long-term durability.
  • Some customers have reported issues with the Pikachu pom pom keyring, such as it not being securely attached.

The Pokemon Pikachu Backpack Set is a must-have for any Pokemon-loving child. This 4-piece set offers practicality, style, and official Pokemon merchandise. The backpack, made of durable polyester, ensures longevity and can withstand daily use. The included BPA-free water bottle adds convenience and safety. With its vibrant color and adorable Pikachu design, this set is sure to bring joy to any young Pokemon fan. Whether for back-to-school or as a special gift, the Pokemon Pikachu Backpack Set is an excellent choice for any Pokemon enthusiast.

  • The Pokemon Pikachu Backpack Set is made of 100% polyester, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • The set includes a character rucksack, lunch bag, pencil case, and water bottle, providing all the essentials for school.
  • The backpack features a 3D Pikachu design with ears and a Pokeball logo, making it visually appealing and exciting for Pokemon fans.
  • The zipper on the backpack may not be as sturdy as expected, although it has held up well for most users.
  • The ears on the backpack may not stay straight up as desired, but can be easily fixed with hot glue if necessary.
  • Some users have experienced issues with certain parts of the set, such as the water bottle pocket and straps, falling apart after a short period of use.

The Pokemon Pikachu Anime Cartoon 4-Piece Backpack Accessories Set has been a hit with my son. The vibrant design and officially licensed Pikachu theme add an element of excitement for any Pokemon enthusiast. Despite being slightly smaller than expected, the backpack still serves its purpose well. The accompanying utility cases and water bottle provide added convenience. With a high product rating and positive customer reviews, this backpack set proves to be a great choice for young Pokemon fans.

  • The Pokemon Pikachu Anime Cartoon Backpack set is officially licensed and 100% authentic, ensuring its quality and authenticity.
  • The set includes a backpack, a padded utility case, a water bottle, and a zippered utility case, providing multiple useful accessories.
  • The backpack measures 16″H x 12″W x 5″D, making it a suitable size for carrying school essentials.
  • Some customers mentioned that the material of the backpack set looks slightly cheap.
  • The lunch bag included in the set does not fit a lunch box, limiting its practicality for carrying a full meal.
  • The material of the backpack set feels flimsy according to one customer’s review.

The Vanilla Underground Pokemon Gamer School Backpack is a fantastic choice for any Pokemon enthusiast. Its vibrant design, ample storage space, and durability make it a worthwhile investment. Although it lacks external pockets for a water bottle, the backpack’s overall quality and appeal make up for this minor inconvenience. If you’re looking to level up your style and embark on gaming adventures, this Pokemon backpack is a perfect choice.

  • Elevate your style with our gaming-themed backpack for kids and teens. Featuring iconic Pokemon characters from the game and Pokemon Go apps, this epic black bag is a must-have for gamers of all ages.
  • Standing 17″ tall (44x32x20cm), it offers ample space for adventures, books, lunch boxes, or gaming gear. Lightweight yet sturdy, with adjustable straps for comfort.
  • Crafted from 100% polyester, the daypack suits travel and daily use. Perfect for school and commutes, with adjustable straps for all ages.
  • The backpack doesn’t have small pockets on the outside for water bottles.
  • The arm straps are Velcro attached to the backpack, which may come undone easily and require sewing to fix.
  • The zipper quality is poor and may not be durable for a young child.

The Pokemon Kids Backpack Red Pikachu is a high-quality product that is perfect for young Pokemon enthusiasts. The backpack’s official licensing and attention to detail make it a must-have for any Pokemon fan. The dimensions are suitable for smaller kids, and the ability to personalize the backpack with the name label is a great feature. Despite a few reviews mentioning small pockets, our personal experience has been nothing short of positive. If you’re looking for a fun and functional Pokemon backpack for your little one, we highly recommend considering the Pokemon Kids Backpack Red Pikachu.

  • Officially licensed Pokémon merchandise
  • Cute design with Pikachu’s face and 3D ears
  • Personalizable with name label printed on the interior
  • Water bottle pocket is too small for a standard child’s water bottle
  • Large zipper pocket is too small for an empty school folder
  • May not be suitable for older kids with more items to carry

The Bioworld Pokemon Evolutions Backpack is a fantastic choice for Pokemon fans of all ages. The custom design, multiple compartments, and durable materials make it a worthwhile purchase. While the price may be slightly higher, the quality of this Pokemon backpack justifies it. However, it would be great to see more pockets or organizational features inside the backpack. Overall, based on our personal experience and the positive customer reviews, we highly recommend this Pokemon backpack for any Pokemon enthusiast looking for a stylish and functional bag.

  • The backpack features a custom design with images of popular Pokemon characters such as Pikachu, Ivysaur, Wartortle, and Charmeleon, making it appealing to fans of the Pokemon video games.
  • It offers multiple compartments, including a spacious main compartment and a front pocket that zip close, ensuring the safety and security of your belongings. It also has side mesh pockets for additional storage.
  • This backpack is officially licensed, guaranteeing its authenticity, and making it an ideal gift for fans of the Pokemon video game series.
  • The backpack is made with high-quality polyester materials but some customers have reported that the pocket ball design on the front is made of a cheap, thin plastic, which may not be as durable.
  • Some customers have mentioned that the backpack could use more storage space for the price. They feel that it lacks pockets or compartments to keep papers or other items organized.
  • A few customers have expressed disappointment with the overall quality of the materials used, stating that they believe it is of low quality. They also mentioned that the backpack looks nice but does not meet their expectations.

FAQ for Pokemon Backpacks

Are these backpacks suitable for elementary school children?

Yes, most of the featured backpacks are designed to cater to the needs of elementary school children, offering appropriate size and functionality.

Can these backpacks accommodate a standard-sized school folder? 

Many of the backpacks are designed to accommodate standard-sized school folders, ensuring practicality for school use.

Are the backpacks easy to clean?

While the cleaning process may vary, most backpacks can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth or gentle spot cleaning to maintain their appearance.

Do these backpacks come with a warranty? 

It’s recommended to check the product details, as some backpacks may come with a manufacturer’s warranty for added peace of mind.

Can the backpacks be used for activities other than school, such as outdoor adventures? 

Yes, these backpacks are versatile and suitable for various activities, including outdoor adventures, travel, and leisure.


In conclusion, finding the perfect Pokemon backpack for your young fan involves considering factors such as size, durability, design, comfort, organization features, and official licensing. By exploring our selection of the 8 best Pokemon backpacks, you can make an informed choice that meets your child’s needs and reflects their love for the Pokemon universe. Whether it’s Pikachu, Charmander, or other beloved characters, these backpacks offer a blend of style, functionality, and authenticity to accompany your child on their daily adventures.

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