Crigne Clothing Review

Crigne Clothing Review: Is it a scam?

in this post, we are presenting Crigne clothing review and highlighting its features and flaws by looking deeply into its existence

The fashion industry has evolved quite a lot due to the increase in digitalization. Many brands have emerged as an entity to sell various fashion items including formal wearing to casual day-to-day clothes. One such brand is Cringe Clothing. This brand is around the corner for about 8 to 9 years however many sceptics are prevailing about this brand.  

We will also highlight if it is a scam or a legit clothing brand with some evidence. 

Let’s get started! 

What is Clothing? 

Crigne Clothing is an e-commerce store that sells clothes and stuff from their factories online. 

The brands claim they have physical factories in Vietnam and the Philippines that are behind this brand.  The “About us” section of their store mentions that the company is running successfully offline and has generated millions of profits with many happy customers. 

Considering the happiness and reliability of customers in mind, they initiated their online store in 2015. 

The primary goal of the brand is to bring multiple opportunities for small manufacturers and designers to get a wider and global audience. It is stated in their bio that they are an internet-based company which is registered in the U.K. The brand also has its logistic centres in Singapore and some Asian cities. 

Types of products available on

Crigne is a women-centric fashion brand. They offer many products related to women’s fashion. Their product line includes different types of clothes and does not contain any jewellery items. 

Following are the major product categories sold by 

1: Tees: 

Tees or T-shirts are one of the most popular things offered on These are typically designed for ladies. 

Some of the Tees offered on are soft and cool with light colours to make them the best fit for ladies of the older age groups. Their light fabric and weather-friendly deus make them lovable and attractive for users. 

2: Tops: 

Tops are clothes designed for the upper part of the body. Unlike Tees, Tops are shorter in length and come in various designs and styles. 

Some of the tops available on include blouses, shorts, sweaters, Tunics and Crop tops.

3: Casual Dresses: 

Another main category of clothes actually on Crigne clothing are Casual dresses. The casual dresses on Crigne are also good and incredible in their variety. 

You will notice a wide variety in the colouring and styling of these types of clothes. 

4: Seasonal dresses: 

Although Crigne clothing centres only around women’s clothes, in women’s clothing they are offering you all the things a lady may be looking for. 

For instance, offers clothing for all types of seasons i.e. summer, spring and winter. For summer you can buy tees and swimwear along with two-piece sets while for winter you have the opportunity to grab some warm and cosy sweaters. 

Is a scam? 

Although digitalization has taken over the world nowadays and many businesses have come online however even then a sceptic roams around everywhere about online scamming. One such claim is made for 

We believe that is just a starter brand that is looking for global recognition. There is some evidence which hints that it is not a well-developed brand. It may not be a scam however it is hiding a few things just to meet global standards.

The following are the factors that show that is not a well-settled brand and is trying to sell handmade products designed by some local designers.

1: Image quality: 

One thing that makes this website suspicious and appears low in quality is the quality of the images available on it. The images lack a sense of originality in it and look edited and designed unprofessionally. 

The model does seem to fit into the dresses which gives a very cheap image of the brand. 

2: Brand information: 

Another thing that makes unreliable is its brand information. The brands claim to have resided in Vietnam and the Philippines. However, it is reported to be owned by “XBP International Ltd”. 

This company itself is unauthentic and unrecognized. It has a low rating when it comes to the reliability of its products. Moreover, the company XBL is also notorious for being affiliated with many fraud and unreal brands. 

It is, however, mentioned in the blog that the company information is kept hidden deliberately considering the service policy of partners. 

3: Insecure website:

The website is also open to numerous threats because it does not have the standard Norton security certification. Without this, the information that you as a user are putting on it is not safe and can easily be hacked.

The website however in its FAQ section says that all the information and data provided by users is safe and secure. 

4: Customer rating: does not expose its customer ratings on its website. The comments and chats of customers are kept hidden. 

Trust Pilot rated Crigne as Great 2387 reviews rated 3.9 which is pretty good.

BBB 162 customer reviews rated it as bad

It only shows some star ratings which can be trusted alone. Customers report on these resources that the quality of the product bought from are not up to the mark and lacks quality. They also recommend users not to buy anything from there as it is a waste of time and energy. 

5: Lack of Transparency: 

Customer value and trust is the first thing that matters most in an online business and this is where lacks. It does not provide users with enough authority and trust in their things which makes them doubtful. 

The website does not share any contact details i.e. email, phone number or address which hints that it is a replica brand, not an actual recognized brand.  

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: When did develop? 

A: was founded in 2021. 

Q: Does design the clothes by itself?

A: Yes, has factories in Singapore and its designers. 

Q: Why does offer clothes at low prices? offers all of its clothes at low prices to attract a large number of customers. The actual price of the same clothes from other brands will be sold in double price tags.

Q: What is the return policy on 

A: To return a product you are normally asked to contact the support but they do not accept any return. All of the items available on are not returnable. For example, you can return them with perfumes or makeup. 

Final Verdict:

All in all, is a non-reputable clothing brand with less to no customer reliability. However, if you do want to try them out just because of their rates, then bear the quality of the pieces you are getting. We have guided you all about their brand ability and pricing including their return policy. Hopefully, this guide will help you make the right decision for you. 

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