AirBar Review: Upgrade Your Laptop with Touchscreen Functionality

AirBar review: The AirBar by Neonode is a revolutionary device that allows you to add touchscreen functionality to your 15.6″ Windows 10 notebook. With its plug and touch feature, compatibility with various objects, and easy setup process, the AirBar offers a convenient way to enhance your computing experience.

I recently purchased the AirBar for my aging laptop, and I must say, it has brought new life to my computer. The installation process was a breeze, thanks to the clear instructions provided. Attaching the AirBar to the bottom of my screen with the included magnets was simple and hassle-free. Once connected, I was able to enjoy the benefits of touch input, from tapping and swiping to pinching and zooming. The gestures were responsive, and I found it exciting to interact with my laptop in a whole new way. The AirBar truly turned my non-touchscreen notebook into a touch-enabled device.

airbar review: Easy Setup and Installation

airbar review

Incredibly easy to set up and install, the AirBar by Neonode is. With just a few simple steps, you can start enjoying the benefits of a touchscreen on your Windows 10 notebook. The AirBar comes in different sizes, so make sure to choose the one that best fits your computer’s display size. Once you have the AirBar sensor, attaching it to your screen is a breeze. Just align it three millimeters below the bottom edge of the display, using the white alignment markers as a guide. With the magnets included, you can easily attach and detach the AirBar without any hassle. And don’t worry, it won’t interfere with closing your notebook.

airbar review: Compatibility with Windows 10

airbar review

Specifically designed for Windows 10 laptops is the AirBar by Neonode. Whether you have a 15.6-inch screen or any other size, the AirBar is compatible with most notebooks running Windows 10. This ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of touch functionality on your device without any compatibility issues. With the AirBar, you can tap, swipe, pinch, zoom, and rotate, just like you would on a traditional touchscreen device. It’s a seamless and intuitive experience that enhances your productivity and creativity.

airbar review: Touch Using Any Object

airbar review

Touch your screen using any object is possible with the AirBar by Neonode. Whether it’s your finger, a glove, a paintbrush, or even a stylus, the AirBar recognizes touch input from a wide range of objects. This versatility gives you more freedom to interact with your device in the way that feels most comfortable and natural to you. Whether you’re scrolling through documents, drawing, or navigating through applications, the AirBar ensures that your touch inputs are accurately detected and translated on your screen.

airbar review: Plug and Touch Convenience

airbar review

Adding touch functionality to your Windows 10 notebook is as simple as plug and touch with the AirBar by Neonode. Just attach the AirBar to the bottom of your screen using the included magnets, and plug in the USB cord. There’s no complicated setup or software installation required. The AirBar instantly recognizes your touch inputs and translates them into actions on your screen. It’s a convenient and hassle-free way to upgrade your device and unlock new possibilities for interaction and creativity.

Designed for Windows 10 Laptops

airbar review

Ensuring optimal performance and compatibility, the AirBar by Neonode is specifically designed for Windows 10 laptops. It seamlessly integrates with the Windows 10 operating system, allowing you to enjoy all the touch functionality and gestures that Windows 10 has to offer. Whether you’re using your laptop for work, entertainment, or creative projects, the AirBar enhances your experience by providing a responsive and intuitive touch interface. It’s a perfect accessory for Windows 10 laptop users who want to take their productivity and creativity to the next level.

airbar review: Positive User Reviews


Users who have experienced its benefits firsthand have given positive reviews to the AirBar by Neonode. Many users praise its ease of installation, compatibility with Windows 10, and the ability to use touch with various objects. Users have found it to be a valuable addition to their laptops, bringing new life to their devices and enhancing their productivity. While there may be some minor limitations, overall, the AirBar has received favorable ratings and recommendations from users. It’s a product that delivers on its promise of adding touchscreen capabilities to Windows 10 notebooks.


  • Adds touch functionality to non-touchscreen laptops.
  • Easy to set up and detach with magnets.
  • Compatible with most Windows 10 laptops with 15.6″ screens.


  • Short USB cable may be inconvenient for some users.
  • Limited screen size compatibility, no plans for larger screen versions.
  • Some users have reported issues with accuracy and resolution.

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In conclusion, the AirBar by Neonode is a remarkable product that delivers on its promises. It offers a cost-effective solution for adding touchscreen functionality to your Windows 10 notebook. While there were a few minor drawbacks, such as the short USB cable and limited screen size compatibility, the overall experience was highly satisfactory. I highly recommend the AirBar to anyone looking to upgrade their non-touchscreen laptop without breaking the bank. It’s a game-changer that will enhance your productivity and make your computing tasks more enjoyable.

Questions & Answers:

Question: How easy is it to set up the AirBar?

Answer: The AirBar is extremely easy to set up. Simply attach it with the included magnets to the bottom of your screen and plug in the USB cord.

Question: Can the AirBar work with any object for touch input?

Answer: Yes, the AirBar can be used with a finger, glove, paintbrush, stylus, and more. It offers a variety of touch input options.

Question: Is the AirBar compatible with all laptops?

Answer: The AirBar is designed for Windows 10 laptops with 15.6″ screens. It may not be compatible with other operating systems or screen sizes.

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